EGP Oceanside holds Fall Fest benefit for Lara


This October, EGP Oceanside hosted its second annual Fall Fest, which as part of an effort to give back to the community, raised more than $400 for Lara, the Oceanside High School Student who was seriously injured in a car accident on her way to school this September.

Originally envisioned last year as a seasonal event for children, EGP’s Fall Fest showcased a pumpkin patch, arts and crafts, face painting and more at the Long Beach Road bar and eatery. But in the midst of planning, EGP manager Brianna O’Hagan decided to put a collection bucket out for Kevin Artus, an OHS sophomore diagnosed with leukemia.

“We sat down and thought of something to bring the community together and give back to our customers,” O’Hagan said. “They’re paying our bills all year, so we decided to do something for them.”

This year, on the third anniversary of EGP’s opening in Oceanside, and after some light research, O’Hagan said that Lara seemed a natural fit to benefit from the Fall Fest. “She was the only cause we wanted to donate to,” she explained.

Coming up, EGP Oceanside will be holding a Holiday Fest on Dec. 16 to benefit another charitable cause. It will feature arts and crafts, raffles and a life-sized gingerbread house.