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Fun and nostalgia a theme at Lynbrook Class Night


Lynbrook High School students showcased their talent and school spirit during the 90th annual Class Night on March 16.

After months of practice and preparation, the students participated in the event, which encourages friendly competition between all the grade levels at the school. The gymnasium was packed with the students’ family members and friends, who watched on as they performed skits based around the theme of children’s television shows.

The freshmen channeled “The Smurfs,” reinforcing the message of not letting anyone tell you who you should be. The sophomores transformed into Mystery Incorporated with their “Scooby-Doo” routine, full of mystery and humor. Juniors took on “Dora the Explorer” and journeyed audience members through Dora’s quest to retrieve her grandmother’s birthday present back from sneaky Swiper. Seniors ended the evening by embracing their Disney spirit with “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” as Mickey and friends tried to raise money together to save their clubhouse.

Performances were judged according to five separate criteria: skits, scenery, costumes, box and banner. Seniors were crowned the 2018 Class Night champions, followed by the sophomores, juniors and freshmen, respectively.

—Courtesy Lynbrook School District

(compiled by Mike Smollins).