Glen Cove gets $700k to rehab Dosoris Pond

Grant for waterfront resiliency, another for recreation


The City of Glen Cove recently won two New York State grants aimed at waterfront resiliency and revitalization totaling almost $750,000. The money will go, in part, toward repairing or replacing the tidal gates between the Long Island Sound and Dosoris Pond, which have been in a state of disrepair for almost a decade, according to a press release from the city.

Frequent flooding from Dosoris Pond has been one of the key obstacles in finding a permanent solution to the dangerous driving conditions that weeks ago, forced officials to close East Beach Road, one of two entry-points to Prybil Beach.

Ann Fangmann, executive director of the Community Development Agency which oversees the grants, said that fixing the tidal gates could help solve “a whole slew of problems,” including flooding and shoreline erosion, which affect the pond’s ecosystem and surrounding infrastructure.

The grant will pay for a number of other measures, including repairs to the wing-walls on either side of the East Island bridge, installing plant-life on the shoreline to stabilize it, and assist with drainage.

Because the state is involved in the contract negotiations, Fangmann added, “It’ll take a few months to work out the contract.”

She told the Herald that the whole project would take about two years, adding “but we try to move these things along.”

The $50,000 grant will help pay for the Glen Cove Western Gateway Strategic Plan, which includes an evaluation of the existing foot and bicycle paths, on the south side of Glen Cove Creek, and exploring measures aimed at pre-empting the impacts of climate change, including “sea level rise, storm surge, increased precipitation, downpours, and higher average temperatures”

For the smaller grant, the city will likely provide approximately $50,000 in labor, Fangmann said. For the grant to rehab Dosoris Pond, the city expects to provide a cash match of just over $300,000.