LBFD battles blaze in East Atlantic Beach

Courtesy Long Beach Fire Department

Long Beach firefighters rushed to East Atlantic Beach this morning after a fire broke out in a home located at 90 Buffalo Avenue, Long Beach Fire Department Chief Joseph Miller said.

The fire occurred at 8 a.m., and firefighters said they could see a thick column of smoke blocks away.

About 25 firefighters rushed to the scene and the first arriving units found heavy smoke and flames bursting out of the back of the house.

“Firefighters made entry into the house and began searching for any potential victims while other firefighters began extinguishing the fire,” the Fire Department said on its Facebook page. “The fire was confined and extinguished in the back room.” No injuries were reported at the scene, according to Miller.

“The homeowners were home — they had smelled the smoke and were able to get everyone out safely,” Miller said. “The homeowner had attempted to extinguish [the fire] with a fire extinguisher, but by the time he got there it was a little too far advanced for him.”

The family has been displaced but it is not known for how long, Miller said.

The Nassau County Fire Marshals were called to the scene and deemed the cause of the fire to be of an electrical nature.