Letter to the editor

Letter: Wilson is the right choice in N. Bellmore


To the editor:

My children have been fortunate to be educated in the North Bellmore School District at Martin Avenue for a decade. Our teachers have provided a nurturing environment for my children to thrive in. I am also a public school activist and advocate, working with local, statewide, and national organizations to move past harmful corporate reforms that threaten all of our classrooms, schools, and districts.

Each year my organization, Long Island Opt Out, endorses candidates we feel will move our districts toward whole child policies of teaching and learning, ensuring that our children's social, emotional, physical and educational needs are met.

Although North Bellmore has historically been philosophically aligned with our whole child philosophy, recent policies putting emphasis on computerized testing for our youngest K-2 students, lack of mandated physical education time and continued use of flawed modules, to name a few, have been troubling.

This year is very exciting for me personally in this process. A few weeks ago, a candidate for the Board of Education in North Bellmore, Erica Wilson, reached out to me expressing interest in our endorsement. Erica had been an active member in organization and is a veteran teacher that brings whole child teaching and learning into her own classroom on a daily basis. Her son attended Dinkelmeyer, Grand, and now Mepham, giving her a unique perspective of each of our schools. After an extensive vetting process it was clear that the knowledge she would bring to our board of education would be invaluable, and would move us in the right direction. Some have asked why I care so much as my youngest child has only one more year in the North Bellmore elementary district. I do not advocate only for my own children. I advocate for all children, and I want to leave our district in strong, capable, expert hands when I do.

Jeanette Deuterman

North Bellmore