Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway


Nonprofit laws needed for politicians

To the Editor:

A week ago, another elected New York City official was convicted after trial for embezzling government money from a nonprofit organization, which he formed and ran. He used the money provided by the government for his personal use. He hid the thefts with phony invoices. It appears from most previous cases that when City Council or State Assembly members are arrested, it is because they misused the money they were able to direct to a nonprofit that either they or their families ran. 

This has been going on for years. How many officials will be arrested on similar charges before our governor and other elected state officials do something about this? They keep talking about ethics law changes. How about legislation that would not allow any elected city or state politician or official, or their family members, from forming or running a nonprofit that receives city, state or federal funding? This would seem to be simple legislation, but I know that the City Council would fight this, and the Democratic ally controlled Assembly would vote against it. But it would be a start.

Steve Grogan


Grogan is a retired special agent in the U.S. Justice Department and a former Lybrook village trustee.

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Shame on Village of Lynbrook

To the Editor:

Re: “Lynbrook couple outraged after village officials confiscate their beehive” (July 13-19): As a home vegetable gardener, I value the benefits of bees for food production. The village is ignorant about the present endangerment and possible extinction of these valuable creatures. Honeybees are docile, unlike wasps and hornets. Shame on village officials for overreacting without knowing the facts.

Dr. Robin Wieder