Only take credit when it is due


To the Editor:

Two local issues concern me. Legislator DeRiggi-Whitton recently with Councilman Tenke were presented in a local article where they made it appear that they were eminently responsible for clearing up the source of the Crescent Beach contamination, ignoring the fact that the city and county (including public health) have been the main pushers and actors for years. In addition, they released information from a draft report without stating that it was not approved as a final for release and that information in it might change by the time of formal release.

This is total irresponsibility on both of their parts. DeRiggi-Whitton should know this. However, this is the same person who, along with the Legislature, dumped tax certs on the school districts causing a hike in school taxes, put in red light cameras, raised fees on tickets, permits and other documents, is considering doing that again, and voted for a salary increase. All this while never, as I remember, doing a thing to cut excessive county spending and reduce taxes. The elected officials are supposed to work for us not against us.

Then there is the candidate for Glen Cove City Council, Marsha Silverman. She sounds good on paper, but in all of the years that I have attended City Council, Planning Commission, and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings. I have never heard her give a positive proactive presentation. It has all been negative, adversarial, or at times denigrating to the city. Nor have I ever seen her at a school board meeting.

I would be very loath to have a person with that attitude (leopards do not change their spots) sitting on the City Council, constantly cutting down ideas and proposals, without any sensible discussion and positive input just so they can feel in the right.

I will not recommend who people should vote for but I will say that I know for whom I will not vote.

Glenn Howard

Glen Cove