Paraguayan group dance their way to the library


A crowd at the East Meadow Public Library sat in awe as Paraguayan dance group Panambi Verá balanced pots and glass bottles on their heads during a special show on March 11.

The group showcased its talents during the library’s Sunday Concert Series, drawing dozens of East Meadow and Salisbury community members. The show was a joint collaboration between the library and Long Island Traditions. Panambi Verá means “golden butterfly” in Guarani, one of the two official languages of Paraguay, and it is led by Berta Gauto.

According to Panambi Verá’s website, the group perform sdances that have different meanings: a dance where dancers balance pots on their heads signifies the time where galoperas used pots to transport water to the pilgrims as an offering during processions for the Virgin de Caacupe. The 15-piece group dance along to harp and guitar, and other traditional Paraguayan music. For more information about the group, visit