Cornering the Market

Promoting Paleo — a different type of fitness studio


Rounds Elite Fitness

3199 Lawson Blvd., Oceanside

(516) 442-2083

Just as the Paleo diet avoids unnatural items like processed foods, Paleo fitness focuses on the basics of exercise, from gentle wellness (found in yoga) to vigorous workouts (such as in CrossFit). Rounds Elite Fitness, a unique Paleo fitness studio, incorporates numerous forms of exercise to achieve optimum strength and endurance, with a more natural approach.

In many gyms, a circuit means going from machine to machine. The Strength and Endurance Circuit at Rounds Elite Fitness incorporates activities like boxing, cardio kickboxing, martial arts, free weight training, powerlifting, kettle bells, battle ropes, plyometrics and a lot more. The circuit has 17 rings (stations), with a bell that goes off every 2.5 minutes, alerting the members to move on to the next task. The circuit continues the entire time the studio is open, and a trainer is always on the floor, directing and available for help. Each week, the tasks (exercises) are altered, so gym members are never bored. The studio offers exclusive rowing classes, which are easy on joints, as well as cycling classes and group fitness.

Owner Sensei Eloy Santos was raised in Rio De Janiero. As a veteran of the Brazilian Army, he mastered military fitness conditioning and self-defense. He has been active in martial arts for more than 40 years, both competing, and instructing adults and children. Prior to opening Rounds Elite Fitness in 2015, he owned and operated Rio Academy in East Rockaway for nearly 20 years.

At Rounds Elite Fitness, Santos has developed a program for people with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s attacks the nervous system, causing tremors and loss of balance, inhibiting daily life. Studies have shown that certain types of exercise can help reduce the intensity of symptoms. Santos uses his expertise, understanding of the disease, and passion for exercise to modify routines and monitor progress.

“Those with Parkinson’s disease want to prolong their independence,” he said. The methods he uses, such as rowing, could promote smoother movement while strengthening the muscles, thus, possibly improving a person’s quality of life.

While most of his clientele attends Rounds Elite for weight loss, toning, cardio, and/or building muscles, Santos takes things further. If a client has recently lost weight, he helps him or her tighten up and maintain the weight. With martial arts, he has continued with some students from childhood to college. Several of his students have even become his instructors.

Children can enjoy the Boxing Bee program, and the tire wall for climbing. There’s a special membership for high school students, with a startup-wrestling program. For everyone else, memberships vary from pay-as-you-go, to one-month, three-month, six-month, etc.

All instructors are highly experienced. Nia Merced was a trainer on “The Biggest Loser” TV series. Alba Galan is a female Black Belt and teaches the martial arts foundation class. Linda Rizzi is the cycling instructor and a personal trainer; Zack Blumberg, a Golden Gloves boxer, and Austin Halik, who started with Santos at age three, now teaches the grappling class. Rounds Elite Fitness is open seven days a week.