Sandy: true test of the flood maps?

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FEMA, as directed by federal legislation passed earlier this year, is once again redrawing Nassau County’s flood maps. Whether any parts of Valley Stream will be removed from the high-risk zone is not yet known, but Fare and residents say that information from Sandy could be useful in the effort to create more accurate maps.

Marc Tenzer, president of the Mill Brook Civic Association, which represents 811 homes in South Valley Stream, agreed that Sandy was the storm that future flood maps should be based on. He said that while some neighborhoods experienced flooding, he is not convinced that insurance should be mandatory.

“I still think that people should have the option to get flood insurance if they want to,” Tenzer said. “I think we should be out of the flood zone, regardless of what happened.”

For her part, Crupi urged all residents to call, email and write U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and Sen. Chuck Schumer, and report the lack of flooding in Gibson from Hurricane Sandy. She also said that Schumer and McCarthy should call on President Obama to issue an executive order, removing the community from the high-risk zone.

“I think the time for talking is over,” Crupi said. “It’s time for FEMA to stop holding our homes as hostage. This is proof positive that we don’t belong in the flood zone.”

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