Carbonaro fifth-grader wins philosophy contest


Kevin Tritschler, a fifth-grader at Robert W. Carbonaro Elementary School, won third-place for the Most Philosophical 5th Grader in America in the Kids Philosophy Slam Essay Contest.

Tritschler’s enrichment teacher, Risa Miller, submitted his essay in the nationwide contest with more than 4,000 applicants. He learned about philosophy in his Challenge class, an enrichment program in District 24.

The Kids Philosophy Slam is an annual competition that provides an opportunity to learn more about philosophy, resources and mentoring opportunities. The objective of the competition is to unlock creative and intellectual thoughts in a philosophical way. Third- to fifth-grade students submitted artworks or wrote a short stories, poems or essays about the topic, “Truth or Deceit: Which has a Greater Impact on Society?”

“It’s important for students to participate and learn to reason, present arguments and evaluate,” Miller said. “The competition is an opportunity for students to have a voice.”

Tritschler was awarded a certificate, check and letter congratulating him on his achievements.