Letter to the Editor

Halloween events a great success


To the Editor:

I would like to extend hearty thanks to all those who helped to make Valley Stream’s first-ever Haunted Halloween Hayride and Jack-O-Lanterns Ablaze contest the smashing successes that they were.

First and foremost, events like these would never have been possible without the hundreds of volunteers from within our community who gave of their time and talents to make last Saturday so memorable. Many, many schoolchildren, under the guidance of their teachers, advisors and adult mentors, put their creative talents to work and came up with some truly ghoulish costumes and theatrical escapades to make the experience so thrilling.

Imagine our surprise when the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Headless Horseman himself, decided to pay Valley Stream a visit!

Our village work force, many of whom donated countless unpaid hours to this effort, came together in a spirit of cooperation for the sole purpose of creating a fun-filled, successful and safe night for all. Their dedication and attention to every detail showed on the faces of the many people of all ages who participated in the hayride and Jack-O-Lantern contest.

We would also like to acknowledge the members of the Nassau County Police Department who assisted in the planning stages and kept a watchful eye on the festivities to ensure everyone’s safety. Their presence was a welcome addition to our uniformed patrols consisting of the Nassau County Auxiliary Police, village Public Safety and Code Enforcement personnel. Of course, Valley Stream’s bravest, the men and women of our volunteer Fire Department, were on hand to lend support and assistance. We always know we can count on them!

Heartfelt thanks are in order to Michael’s Crafts, who donated materials and personnel for the enjoyment of so many children. We know they enjoyed their crafty creations, and are so grateful for this generous gesture on the part of Michael’s.

Special appreciation goes out to our many neighbors in the area of Hendrickson Park for their patience and cooperation, while streets were closed off, traffic was re-routed and the spooky noise level increased; as well as all of our residents for understanding our need to close the park early on Saturday to prepare for our frightful night! It was all for the purpose of good fun, and you were all good sports!

Finally and most sincerely, we owe a great big thank-you to the approximately 1,000 people who came to the park, waited patiently on line and participated in our events in an orderly, polite and festive manner. Your good will makes these types of events possible. We look forward to doing the same for you next year.

Mayor Ed Fare

and the Valley Stream Village Board