Curran statement after passing gun bill

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“Since Newtown, parents within my district have been consumed with making sure our schools are safe. Under the NY SAFE Act, school districts will now be receiving an extra 10 percent of the state’s portion of building aid to make schools safer. This aid may be used to install metal detectors, hardened doors, security cameras and security systems. This smart solution provides immediate relief to our schools in providing a safe learning environment.

“This law sought to expand the already existing New York State Weapons Ban of 2000, focusing primarily on attachments to firearms, including magazine capacity restrictions. I have always been a staunch advocate of Second Amendment Rights previously voting against microstamping in 2011 and 2012. However, both federal and state courts have consistently ruled that the Second Amendment is not an absolute right. Upon review, I found that this bill, in terms of assault rifle gun control, places reasonable limitations in our Second Amendment rights but at the same time provided us with additional protections in public security and safety of our children will be augmented.

“By no means are all aspects of this bill the absolute panacea to violent crime in New York State. The Assembly Minority Conference was successful in removing the original sections of this bill which included: firearm confiscation; confiscation of ten-round clips; statewide registration of firearms; permit information which is obtainable by freedom of information requests; firearm purchase limits and microstamping. We also held the line on tougher criminal penalties on crimes committed with illegal weapons and an extension of Kendra’s Law, which keeps a close eye on those with a history of mental illness who could become violent in nature.

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