State, NCPD agree on language services


New York State officials and the Nassau County Police department have agreed that language access services need to be strengthened.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman recently announced the agreement to strengthen language access services for County residents who are limited English proficient (LEP).

The agreement will help bring about the institutionalization of best practices across all of the Department’s precincts and ensure that officers will provide interpretation and translation services to LEP individuals, state officials say.

  “Access to our state’s justice system should not depend on the ability to read or write English. The Nassau County Police Department’s proactive efforts stand as a model for all other law enforcement agencies across New York State and their efforts illustrate the steps necessary to ensure that justice is not compromised by language barriers,” Schneiderman said. “Working in cooperation with our office, Nassau County has put in place a language access program that will strengthen and enhance access to police services for thousands of people on Long Island.”

  In cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office, the Nassau County Police Department agreed to improve its existing language access policies for individuals who are limited English proficient. Going forward, the Department will provide all necessary interpretation and translation services for victims, witnesses and subjects; take meaningful steps to identify and recruit bilingual officers; conduct training for both current and new officers regarding the revised language access policy and protocols; make available translated materials and public notices; and regularly convene with the Attorney General’s Office to discuss the successfulness of its language access program.

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