Braving the cold

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Joe Doyle, of Post Street, finally got the chance to take his daughter, Lila, 4, out to play at around 2:30 on Friday afternoon. Asked what she enjoys most about the snow, Lila said, “I like to make snow angels. And snowmen.”

After the storm

With an arctic blast moving across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast Monday night, temperatures were more than 20 degrees below average in those regions, according to the National Weather Service.
One major concern for homeowners is frozen pipes. The New York State Office of Emergency Management advised residents to insulate pipes that are most susceptible to freezing — usually those near outer walls or in crawl spaces or attics — before a storm. Pipes can be wrapped in insulation, or covered in layers of old newspaper and then wrapped in plastic, to keep out moisture. In extremely cold weather, the department recommends letting faucets drip, and to make sure the heat is left on and set no lower than 55 degrees.
Other ways to winterize your home include inspecting your heating system, properly insulating walls, cleaning your gutters, and caulking or weather-stripping doors and windowsills, installing storm windows or covering windows with plastic on the inside to keep cold air out.

Alexandra Spychalsky contributed to this story.

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