Gonsalves, Kraus vie for L.D. 13

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Gonsalves: In addition to holding the line on property taxes, I am very proud of the Veterans Clinic that I helped to bring to Nassau University Medical Center. After 10 years of hard work, the clinic opened in 2011. The clinic contains a state-of-the-art triage center, 14 new exam rooms, and exemplary doctors dedicated solely to Nassau’s veterans. The clinic is expected to serve 5,000 veterans every year. Another recent accomplishment is my reconvening of the Nassau County Cancer Task Force, with the objective of promoting awareness of cancer treatments and services for patients and families throughout Nassau County. Last, I am extremely proud of my work to preserve the “Friendly Farms” farmland on Merrick Avenue. Through funding from the county’s Environmental Bond Act, we were able to purchase the property and maintain it as open space.  It is currently serving as a community garden open to all and operated by the Cornell Cooperative Extension.   

Q. As challenger, what skills can you bring to the position, and what would be your primary goals and objectives for the upcoming term?


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