Police address community issues

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Several residents voiced their concerns about a homeless population taking residence at Eisenhower Park. Inspector Sean McCarthy, the 3rd Precinct’s Commanding Officer, said that police are well aware of the issue. “It’s a significant problem,” he said. “It has been probably for the last 18 months.”

McCarthy said that homeless people recently managed to gain entry into the bathrooms at the park, which are locked at night, and caused “criminal mischief” inside. “It’s escalated to the point where it needs to be addressed in a very aggressive way and we are doing that,” said McCarthy.

Police response included a recent sweep of the park, where five homeless individuals were arrested.

Residents added that local supermarkets, like WalMart on Front Street, and Stop & Shop on Hempstead Turnpike have also been a hotbed for the homeless community, and police said they will look into it.

Traffic safety

Because of budget costs, a “significant amount” of crossing guards had recently been let go, said Krumpter. “We’re moving as fast as we can to hire new crossing guards,” he said, adding that it is a major concern for the department.

Krumpter said that police have begun a recruitment process, and recently looked through 200 applications. He said that certain intersections would be videotaped to determine which corners are in greatest need of surveillance. The plan, Krumpter said, is to regain an adequate number of crossing guards by the start of the next school year in September.

Residents also complained about speeding cars on residential streets, including Bellmore and Merrick Avenue. Police acknowledged that there has been an increase in the distribution of high-risk tickets, and that they will continue to monitor the situation.

Parking at the NUMC

Parking has been a longstanding issue for residents who live just north and south of Hempstead Turnpike, and near the medical center. Their issue, they say, is with hospital employees and patrons, who, instead of parking in the hospital lot, are parking along the side of residential streets.

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