Top grads say goodbye to their school

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Outside the classroom, Khosla volunteers at hospitals. He was a cardiology intern at the Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, has worked at the Huntington Medical Center and even volunteered at hospitals in his native India. He is also involved in science research.

In January, Wang was named a semifinalist in the Intel Science Talent Search. He earned the distinction by volunteering his summers at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, where he conducted research on the effects of proteins on Alzheimer’s disease.

In the fall, Khosla will head to Columbia University, where he plans to major in theoretical physics. What he is most looking forward to, he said, is the chance to live in New York City. “Not only am I going to be learning about literature through books, I can actually go to the places, or hang out at the Met and see art,” he said. “Or go to the Guggenheim.”

He added that he wants to double major in computer science and math, or even follow a pre-med track, if his original plans don’t pan out. “Just in case I can’t become a physicist,” he joked, “the backup is Dr. Khosla.”

Wang will attend Yale, which he called his dream school. He plans to study biology, and said he is most excited about living a more independent lifestyle. “The freedom of studying what you want, when you want,” he said. “And meeting a whole bunch of new people.”

Over the summer, Wang said, he plans to visit Beijing, where his parents and grandparents are from. Khosla said he was planning a trip to India, but that fell through, and instead he may simply relax before heading to college. “I’ve never had a free summer, ever,” he said. “This is going to be a first.”

Khosla has an older sister, Tanyia, 21, and a younger sister, Nikita, 14. His mother, Anjali, is from New Delhi, as was his father, Vivek, who died when Neil was in sixth grade.

Recalling their favorite moments in high school, the pair recalled trips to Europe with the Model Congress and the A.P. European History program. In 10th grade, they traveled to Italy, and this year they went to France and Spain. Khosla went on another trip, to England, as a junior.

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