Bowling Green promotes disability awareness


Students at Bowling Green Elementary School in the East Meadow School District welcomed special guests on Nov. 28 when ambassadors from a state-supported special education school discussed disability awareness. Members of the Henry Viscardi School, which serves disabled students from pre-K through high school, gave their East Meadow peers a glimpse at their daily lives.

The Viscardi Ambassadors is a club that presents to elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and businesses. The club is comprised of boys and girls of different ages, grade levels, hometowns and disabilities. The aim of the presentations is to aid in breaking down the barriers that exist between the able-bodied world and those that are physically challenged.

While visiting classrooms, the Viscardi Ambassadors shared information such as their interests, dreams, families and experiences as well as details about their disabilities. The interactive sessions encouraged students and teachers to ask questions about the presenters, the challenges they face and the programs and settings at Viscardi School.

—Brian Stieglitz