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Sunday, April 19, 2015
For volunteers, to give is to get |
Since April is National Volunteer Month, let’s consider what volunteering really is: a vital part of every community . . . READ MORE
The state budget: some good, some bad |
For weeks New Yorkers heard rumors that when the … READ MORE
Let's do teacher evaluations right |
Now that the State Legislature and Gov. Andrew … READ MORE
Women have helped shape journalism |
In observance of Women’s History Month, we … READ MORE
Smoke detectors — be in the know |
Detectors save lives — approximately 2,500 … READ MORE
Support the effort to 'Raise the Age' |
Sixteen- and 17-year-old New Yorkers who commit … READ MORE
Scott Brinton
Alfonse D'Amato
Randi Kreiss

Letters to the Editor
Residents sound off on hospital |
ICMA plan a ‘deep cause for concern’ To … READ MORE
Letters to the Editor: No more 'status Cuomo' |
Refuse to Support the 'Status Cuomo'On February … READ MORE
Letters to the Editor: Town of Hempstead |
To the Editor: On March 24, more than 300 … READ MORE
Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook |
Patriotic pride To the Editor: I had the … READ MORE
Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook |
The Herald welcomes the opinions of our readers. … READ MORE
Support state ban on gay conversion therapy |
What if you’re a deeply religious, socially … READ MORE
What will replace the Long Beach Medical Center? |
Laozi, a Chinese philosopher in the 6th century … READ MORE
To opt out or not: That is the question |
Over the years, I’ve investigated many … READ MORE
Death to winter; long live spring and summer |
I’m not saying the sun isn’t shining as you … READ MORE
World peace trumps a phony foreign policy triumph |
Some have predicted that Secretary of State John … READ MORE
Here's hoping Hillary runs, and wins |
I’m glad Hillary Clinton lost in 2008. I … READ MORE
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