Unreserved Judgment

Artist on the roof


If being “handy” means “clever with hands,” then I am “footy.”

Having grown up in a Manhattan apartment building, if something went wrong you either called your mother or the superintendent, who, if it wasn’t life-threatening, would respond in three weeks, and if it was life-threatening would show up in two.

As I mentioned before, in my world, a tool box consists of a cell phone and a credit card. To me a screwdriver is a drink (and I don’t drink), while drunks get plastered, not walls. Indeed, the closest I’ve ever come to buying a tool was when I visited a pet shop and asked for Duck Tape. I put the “old” in “this old house,” and am more confident in my ability to change the world, then to change a bulb (my goodness, what a mess they make when they drop to the floor!)

And that’s why I’m thankful for Tony of “Tony’s Artistic Home Improvement.”

Whether it’s a roof or a floor or a lighting fixture or a million other things I know nothing about but desperately need, Tony can find ’em, fit ’em, fill ’em and fix them. He literally gets down to the nuts and bolts, and while I might just go nuts and bolt from the scene, he patiently tackles every problem calmly and thoughtfully.

But what makes Tony really special is that the title of his company, “Artistic Home Improvement,” is more than a catch phrase. He sees his calling as more than repair work: he sees its as restoring items (irrespective of what they may be) to their original glory.

He doesn’t simply rebuild, he renews, he rejuvenates. He doesn’t merely “fix a house,” he returns a home to folks who love it as it was and may want to improve it, but not necessarily change it. He sees a structure of wood and steel as a reflection of the spirit and feelings of those who inhabit it, and thus must be treated gently and with respect.

My son, Hillel, frequently quotes my late father’s line, “everyone can be a Ph.D. in their own field.” Whether in a job, occupation or profession some folks are lucky enough (or blessed) to bring to the task excitement, creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm. They display a professionalism and commitment to excellence that transcends what they do and reveals who they are.

My pal Tony is such a Ph.D. Though some might suggest that Ph.D. stands for “professional home developer,” I believe it reflects a genuine philosophy of pride, reliability, skills, knowledge and devotion to making things work.

Yup, Tony of “Tony’s Artistic Home Improvement” is a talented artisan who is also a real artists. Would that we had more like him in every field and endeavor.

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Ron Goldman is an attorney in private practice with offices in Cedarhurst and can be reached @ 1-800-846-9013