Beach clubs hit hard by Sandy


As with anything close to the water, beach clubs in Atlantic Beach were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Even four weeks after the storm it is difficult to reach beach club owners or managers as the repair and restoration is overwhelming.

On the Wednesday before Sandy struck, Sunny Atlantic Beach Club owner Howard Taub said he and his staff made preparations, including emptying the kitchen of all the food and securing everything that couldn’t be moved elsewhere.

“We learned from Irene to let mother Mother Nature run its course so we opened cabana doors to let the water come right in and hopefully and it would go right out,” said Taub, a Hewlett resident, who also sustained some damage to his home.

However, despite all the work to get ready for Sandy, water stormed through the beach club, Taub said. “We had water to the front office, that never happened in 30-odd years,” he said. “This is four, five, six times more damage than Irene.”

Taub said the front office is 327 feet from the shoreline. He added that there was nearly six-feet of water in the food court area. “Anything to do with our kitchen was washed out,” he said.

On the website for the Silver Point Beach Club, management confirmed that the club sustained damages, “but all structures are still intact and can be repaired. We expect the club to be in full operation for the 2013 summer season,” the message read. The Sun & Surf Beach Club has a similar message on its website.

For club owners such as Taub, waiting for insurance adjustors and beginning an extensive clean up is what they are currently doing. In spite of the devastation to his business, he remains upbeat. “We will do our best and assured our members that we will be open in time for Memorial Day,” said Taub, who sent an email to his members more than a week ago.