Power restored to many parts of Cedarhurst

Village officials ask residents to check on elderly neighbors


Along with Cedarhurst village’s vibrant business district many homes in the village have had their power restored.

"Many blocks have been restored," said Trustee Ari Brown, who added that Mayor Andrew Parise instructed everyone in Village Hall to call all residents on blocks that we are not sure if they have power.

Brown also wants to remind residents not to forget those community members who still don't have power or heat and or a place to live.

"I am so proud of our community at large, almost everyone has extended themselves in one way or another," Brown said."Please have in mind that though many have had their power restored, those in the flood areas may have lost their boiler/furnace and are living without heat."

He also said to check on the older residents and helping them to get to a place with heat or assist in shopping for food for them.

"Chances are, if you know of anyone that lives north of West Broadway, they most likely have suffered some type of water damage," Brown said. "The closer they live to Peninsula Boulevard the more damage [they] sustained."

Brown said that he, along with Cedarhurst's chief of the Building Department, Wayne Yarnell, as well as his assistant, Luke Magliaro, are available to village residents for advice and any construction related questions, call (516) 295-5770.

Village crews have also been working round the clock, patrolling the Cedarhurst, trimming trees and collecting debris, officials said.