Hewlett coup: 8 students gain Siemens acclaim

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Zajkov, Hasan and Kramer identified nine full-length genes known as calmodulins — proteins that bind to calcium ions and help transfer the calcium signal through its growth processes — understanding the conversion of this information and function of each calmodulin could help develop switchgrass for ethanol production. Their project is, “Identification and Characterization of the Calmodulin Gene Family in Panicum Virgatum.”

“Their research represents the product when faculty, administration, students, parents and community are working well together,” Dr. Bissoondial said. “I could not be more proud of the results.”

Appelbaum, Gil and Shin will compete against other regional finalists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Nov. 15-18. Regional winners — only 10 are selected from six regional competitions which includes 30 individuals and 30 groups — advance to compete in Washington, D.C. Each regionalist finalist receives $1,000. Regional finalist winners receive $3,000.

Semifinalists receive items made by Siemens as prizes and certificates of achievement. All regional finalists and semifinalists are listed in USA Today.

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