Lawrence school district updates parents

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Also being tossed out is three days of President’s Week break. To make up for the 10 days of school missed, Pedersen said that the district will only close for President’s Day and that Tuesday, Feb. 18 and 19. During mid-term week students will remain in school during Regent testing to also make up for lost time.

Colleges have accommodated Lawrence students through revised application deadlines, Pedersen said. In addition, the high school was told by the colleges that as soon as its portion of a college application is completed that can be sent along, she added.

Concern for the students’ welfare is always a top priority in a crisis like this. However, nearly 25 percent of the district’s teachers were displaced after the storm, according to Lori Skonberg, the Lawrence Teachers Association president, who herself has had to relocate from her Oceanside home to Mineola. “The students are cared for,” Skonberg told the parents. She also credited Adam Berlin, a LTA vice president, with keeping the organization afloat in the past few weeks.

In the recent past, contentious has been a hallmark of the Lawrence district. In recognizing that, Board President Dr. Asher Mansdorf offered these words. “If we can’t do it together, we can’t get it done,” he said, regarding getting through the aftermath of Sandy.

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