Hewlett Happenings

Marking the end of school’s first quarter


As of Nov. 8 the first marking period, Quarter 1, of Hewlett High School will be over. For most students, the end of the quarter means particularly cramped days for testing and getting more grades in. It’s stressful for many students, but once over it’s a relief to know the school year is 25 percent of the way to being completed.

For freshman, the end of the quarter brings them their first grades of high school. These numbers represent the start of their high school career, and before they know it will be compared to their last grades. The adjustment for freshman into high school can sometimes be challenging. It becomes clear that it’s your own responsibility to work for the grades you want to receive by this time of the year.

However, the seniors are nearing the end of their high school careers. For those applying early to colleges of their dreams, the applications are now sent and the wait is on for admission. The first quarter was also filled for some seniors with many lasts. For athletes of fall sports who aren’t pursuing the sport in college, it was their last time in uniform. The final group of seniors with late birthdays also continue to reach the age — 17 — for getting their driver’s license.

Evident in the change from leafy green to crisp brown trees and cool air, autumn is here. For the people who felt the start of the school year went by quickly, it’s weird to see Halloween come and go. Unlike last year where Hurricane Sandy made it difficult, children were once again able to dress up and walk around the neighborhood to collect candy. The pile of candy accumulated throughout the night may even last for a month, as the memories of the fall fade and temperatures drop.

Leaves are falling off the trees, but Hewlett High students are rising in achievement. Hewlett High School are rising over boundaries they had looked forward to overcoming. A dozen students earned regional finalist and semifinalist status in the 2013-2014 Siemens Math, Science and Technology Competition. This was a huge accomplishment after a group from the school won first place in the competition last year. These students have been working hard ever since taking Introduction to Science Research as freshman. With each competition won by the science department, our Hewlett pride continues to grow.

As the school year moves forward younger students adjust, and the older ones may catch a case of ‘senioritis.’ The hard work put in by students and teachers to make the year successful is outstanding at Hewlett, and we should all be proud of our school’s accomplishments.