Overcoming a storm drubbing

Lawrence Yacht & Country Club rebuilds after Sandy


Damage from Hurricane Sandy couldn’t keep golfers who belong to the Village of Lawrence owned and operated Lawrence Yacht & Country Club from holding their annual season opening breakfast.

The event was held in the refurbished Grill Room on April 6 with food prepared off site by one of the club’s new caterers, Royalton Catering, that also caters the Roslyn Country Club.

Sandy throttled the LY&CC located off of Bannister Creek with severe flooding that damaged the marina, the golf course, golf carts, the tennis courts and its building, and the main building which houses offices, locker rooms, a catering hall, restaurant and snack shop.

“It is starting to look really beautiful, I’m extremely pleased,” said Village Trustee Irving Langer, who is the board’s liaison to the club. Costs are being tallied and the village is seeking FEMA reimbursement.

A pair of trailers being used as offices and temporary locker rooms were removed last week. The driving range wasn’t affected by the storm and is fully operational. The golf course with its new irrigation system is ready for the season. “Adam did a phenomenal job, as soon as Sandy hit everyone followed the proper direction and there were no major problems with the grass,” Langer said. “Under Adam’s supervision its really pulled together beautifully.” Adam Thomas is the golf superintendent whose job is to ensure that the 18-hole course is playable.

The clubhouse is fully operational except for the ballroom, which is having new carpeting installed and is scheduled to be open by May 5 and host its first event on May 19, according to Leo McMahon, the club’s general manager. Kitchen appliances are slated to be delivered on May 1.

Currently, the club is leasing 50 gas-powered golf carts but they soon will be replaced by 80 brand new battery operated carts purchased by the club. The tennis building remains in need of repair, but the Hard-Tru tennis courts are expected to be ready for the first week in May as they usually are, McMahon said. “We will be ready for that,” he said. “It was not an easy winter and there were a lot of obstacles. Many people helped throughout the rebuilding process.”

All the replacement docks for the 136-slip marina have been built and are being installed one at a time. Electric wiring submerged under the flood waters will be replaced along with the accompanying pedestals. A new storage structure to replace the damaged one is planned to be completed at the end April. “The place looks beautiful,” said Village Mayor Martin Oliner.