Easter message

Spreading Easter's joy forever


“Is it true?” “Yes, it is true! Jesus is alive; He is raised from the dead, and I met him in the garden!!” “Wow, the garden tomb? Let’s go and check it out!”

Peter and John ran after Mary to the garden where Jesus was buried, and they found out that the huge stone that had covered the tomb had been moved. And

inside the tomb there was no body at all, only some leftover strips of linen clothing.

(Jesus Christ resurrection ref. John 20; Luke 24; Mark 16; Matthew 28)

We Christians who are the followers of Jesus Christ: do we believe what the Bible tells us through the Easter story? Are we willing to look for the miracles of how Jesus is alive today just as in the story? Or are we silent observers of what we believe in Jesus the Son of God, our Lord and our Savior, or having doubts and trying to use reasoning in our beliefs, to explain what we don’t understand? The glorious Easter story reminds us that it’s possible to go straight ahead to simply believing and trusting like the first century followers of Jesus Christ did in Jerusalem and Galilee.

When Mary silently in her mourning wanted to anoint Jesus’s dead body in the tomb, her only concern was: “How do I remove that huge stone from the entryway?” She felt very sad that Jesus was killed for no reason, accused of being the “King of the Jews.” But she also remembered Jesus’s promise that on the third day

he would rise from the dead.

In the simplicity of her faith in action, Mary encountered joy. In meeting

Jesus, she went from feelings of hopelessness to abundant grace. And wow, Jesus not only overcame death, but granted this everlasting life to all believers, not only Mary!! Her despair and sadness was turned upside down into overwhelming good news. No wonder she ran so fast to spread the good news to others!

Many people grew up in church and were well educated through biblical

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