Village of Cedarhurst updates residents

Officials continue to advocate for community


Village of Cedarhurst crews were out all night salting, sanding and clearing the roads of all debris, according to Trustee Ari Brown.

"Mayor [Andrew} Parise had sent them out in preparation, as the snow began to fall. In that regard, we are in great shape. Unfortunately, many, many tree limbs have snapped off onto overhead

wires and into the middle of the streets... due to the fact that the limbs did not shed their leaves as yet, and were weighted down due to a heavy snow/sleet mix," Brown said.

He cautions about staying clear of low hanging or downed electrical, dont'even try to drive or walk over them.

Brown also askes that those who can should take about 30 minutes of their time to check on elderly neighbors who are homebound.

"Please keep knocking, bring some war food and blankets,and if you can, bring them to our Village Hall to warm up. This will be one of the most important things we must all do," he said.

News from the Long Island Power Authority isn't good, Brown said. As LIPA reports 60,000 new outages due to the nor'easter.

The trustee said that no one has more "pull" than Mayor Parise, but everyone has lost power, too.

Please everyone, try and just call Brown at (516)

295-5770. Innundatd with hundreds of emails, calls, and texts and find it almost impossible to get to them all. A call to him at Village hall will allow Brown to respond and continue advocating for village residents, he said.

"On behalf of the mayor and the board, I want to reiterate that we are truly here for you, through good times and bad, not always telling you what you want to hear, but always an honest answer as we know it to we are told. We will keep fighting," he said.