Working to restore the community's heart and soul

Woodmere resident launches civic association


After reading several articles about the high vacancy rate along Broadway in Woodmere and Hewlett, Woodmere resident Jeremy Rosenberg believed there should be an avenue to encourage local commerce and unite the communities.

“I thought we needed some sort of way to bring the community together to go hand in hand for joint prosperity and growth,” he said. “So I spoke to local and county civic leaders and the next step became clear; to form some sort of local organization to get others involved.”

The 20-year-old George Washington University junior and 2010 Hewlett High School graduate decided to spearhead the Hewlett Woodmere Civic Association in an effort to bring more vitality to the area. “Primarily we would focus on reinvesting locally in the community but I also want to encourage people to shop and donate locally,” he said. “We need to keep small businesses alive since that’s the heart and soul of Hewlett and Woodmere.”

Encouraging the younger generation to participate is also on Rosenberg’s agenda as he seeks to host the first meeting of the Hewlett Woodmere Civic Association in March. Despite attending school in Washington, D.C., Rosenberg said he will be actively involved and plans to have a liaison that will attend meetings while he is away and help put his plans into action.

“I want to encourage high school students to come out and have elected officials focus more on Hewlett and Woodmere,” he said. “The good thing is that I’ve had about a dozen people contact me so far wanting to help out. I’ve built a network of people in the Five Towns from college age to seniors who are willing to start working in the community.”

Woodmere resident Michael Turi met Rosenberg through mutual friends and knew he wanted to be involved with the civic association. “I knew Jeremy would be a serious and energetic person to work with,” he said. “The community will benefit in many ways, most notably by having a non-partisan space that will allow business-owners, community and religious leaders, interested citizens, and engaged youth the chance to meet, and a way to get involved.”

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