Working to restore the community's heart and soul

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Rosenberg has also reached out to local organizations such as the Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association, which he believes is very helpful to the community. “We’ll work with other organizations but we’re different because we’ll encourage civic participation, which doesn’t seem to exist in Hewlett and Woodmere,” he said. “Depending on the event I’d like to work with the [Hewlett-Woodmere] Business Association and the Five Towns Community Chest for an event to beautify the downtown area. It’s going to be a collaborative effort.”

Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association President Jamie Wysocki said the organization has been attempting to start a civic association in the community for the past two years and is thankful someone stepped up to the plate. “I’m happy he took on this responsibility and we need residents to make this complete,” she said. “I’ve brought him up to date about our projects and how community residents can get involved.”

According to Wysocki, the business association and the civic association are planning to work together for the Memorial Day parade on May 27 and have already begun discussions about holding another Arts Below Sunrise festival in October. “He’s looking to speak to the residents about things they’d like to see be done such as street sweepers, plantings and shops,” she said. “So he’ll gather that information at his meeting and then either attend my monthly meeting himself or have his liaison attend to be the voice of the people.”

Rosenberg’s love for local service and civics began after attending a rally in seventh grade about overdevelopment in Queens, where he grew up. “I’ve always been involved in these things,” Rosenberg said. “One person can galvanize a community not only for now but for the future as well. I don’t think this will be a one time thing, I hope it will be a long-term investment for the community.”

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