State senator obtains grant for Atlantic Beach Rescue

Volunteer units buys dry suits, medical equipment and ropes


Atlantic Beach Rescue has three new dry suits, ropes and medical equipment for their new truck thanks to a $5,000 grant obtained by State Sen. Todd Kaminsky (D-Long Beach).

The all-volunteer emergency service unit provides the barrier island village’s primary emergency medical services, surface water rescue, technical rescue and marine fire suppression, and provides mutual aid to neighboring fire districts.

“Atlantic Beach Rescue is on the front lines to protect our communities and I am happy to help ensure that they have the proper equipment to carry out their mission,” Kaminsky said.

Atlantic Beach Rescue is thankful for the support and to be able to continue serving the oceanfront community. “Senator Kaminsky generously arranged and funded a grant to supplement our flood and surf rescue cache,” said Jonathan Kohan, chief of Atlantic Beach Rescue.

“We are able to use the funds, which were earmarked for safety, to purchase equipment that will permit the Atlantic Beach Rescue to continue to resource type in accordance with standards required by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and New York State,” he added.

The rescue unit responds to upwards of 300 incidents annually, according to Kohan. Members also covers 22 miles of coastline and is the closest water rescue agency for any incident at JFK International Airport south of the Rockaway Peninsula. There are 3,300 residents and up to 20,000 daily visitors in the summer