LWA Antics

The journey continues, congratulations class of 2019!


As the school year comes to a close, it is Lawrence Woodmere Academy tradition to celebrate the achievements and success of the students, and most importantly, the graduating class of 2019.

As a current junior, I have had the privilege of watching my fellow students grow from lost freshman to incoming seniors. I have witnessed the current seniors fail and succeed time and time again. The scary application process of colleges is over for them and they have taught the incoming class of 2020 that rejection and acceptance go hand in hand. We have grown together, and as a community, we celebrate together.

On June 6, we danced the night away at Junior/Senior Prom on a yacht in Freeport. We laughed and cried, held hands and understood what it meant to be a family. As we reached Point Lookout, we realized what a journey this has been together, and felt grateful to have each other in our lives. Some of the seniors have walked the halls of LWA for 14 years, and seen the same welcoming faces every day.

As the last day of school came and went, yearbooks were signed, end of year grades were dealt and goodbyes were said. As one last community event, an Autism Awareness fundraiser was held, where many students took part putting together a 550-piece puzzle of a tiger (our school mascot). Upon completion, it will be donated to Next for Autism.

The last big hoorah came on June 11, as the class of 2019 turned their tassels from the right to the left, marking the end of their high school journeys, and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The graduating class is more than prepared to move on to the next stage of growth. Many students will speak at graduation, including Student Senate President Allison Siegel, another LWA Antics columnist, and Senior Class President Ariel Dugue. Valedictorian Ming Wei Zou and Salutatorian Jackson Lui will speak as well. Friends and family will gather to recognize how the senior class is one to remember. Congratulations class of 2019! You did it!