Top five finish for DRS juniors


Aaron Singer and Uri Ash, both juniors at Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School for Boys in Woodmere, placed first (tie) and fifth, respectively, in the National Jerusalem Science Contest, a highly competitive and prestigious contest, sponsored by the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Annually, Students from yeshivas across the country, are given a theme, along with a textbook on the topic, and are expected to prepare for the tests that are administered every week. The top five students with the highest average are honored and awarded prizes.

This year’s theme was astronomy and its connection to Judaism. Singer and Ash dedicated countless hours to studying for the weekly tests, to help ensure themselves a spot in the top five, Drs officials said.

Singer will be awarded the grand prize; a four-year scholarship to the Jerusalem College of Technology, a large cash prize, and an all-expense paid trip to Israel in May. He was also was invited to Chicago to be honored at the award ceremony, where he will present on a topic of his choosing, in regards to astronomy and its connection to Judaism. Ash is also going to Chicago and was awarded an all-expense paid trip to Israel in May as well.

DRS administrators said that they are “gratified to have, not only one, but two students, representing DRS as the winners of the contest.”