‘Silver Threads’ tells the stories of 28 seniors

Life Enrichment Center project showcases members’ stories

The Life Enrichment Center at Oyster Bay has released “Silver Threads,” a compilation of the life stories and experiences of dozens of its members. This unique anthology, born out of a …

East Meadow Beth-El administration looks ahead to vibrant future

It has been three years since the East Meadow Jewish Center merged with the former Temple Beth-El in Bellmore, creating the East Meadow Beth-El Jewish Center.

These two ordinances were passed by City Council

City Council revises personnel code to increase vacation days and raises fines for e-bike and traffic violations, aiming for equitable treatment and enhanced enforcement.

Valley Stream Neighbors in the News

Valley Stream nursing graduate receives high honors at Touro University School

m Touro University School of Health Sciences, received the prestigious Maimonides Award during the university’s commencement ceremony on June 4, 2024. The event, held at the Tilles Center for …

City confronts a water shortage

As summer temperatures soar, Glen Cove faces the dual challenge of maintaining lush green lawns and managing its water supply. The city recently lifted strict water restrictions put in place to …

Baldwin High School, Plaza Elementary School communicate through art

During this past school year, Baldwin High School’s advanced placement art students and Plaza Elementary School’s kindergarten class have been sending art journals back and forth to each other since the fall. Similar to traditional “pen pals” the young artists introduced themselves and communicated with artwork. 

Rockville Centre firefighters save a man's life

Rockville Centre Fire Department members saved a resident's life, after he suffered from a heart attack and crashed his car into a house.

Town of Hempstead unveils adaptive pickleball court in Wantagh

The Town of Hempstead unveiled an adaptive pickleball court in Forest City Park in Wantagh on July 11. The new court was built with the disabled community in mind, according to town officials.

Fire doesn’t break the spirit of Mary Kirby

Neighbors rally together in support of the Kibry family who lost their home in a recent fire.

Suborno Bari, 12, is Malverne's youngest-ever graduate

Suborno Bari is like any other kid, and he’s not. He likes playing games, and sharing memes with his friends — and mastering the intricacies of physics and calculus. At age 12, he is the …

Scholarships support students, civic initiatives

Love Your Neighbor Project awards scholarships

Love Your Neighbor Project, a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to fostering community connections, recently awarded scholarships to several inspiring students. Jaime Teich, the project’s …


A holiday that we should never take for granted

July Fourth is a holiday that truly deserves to be celebrated by all Americans. The bottom line is that July 4, 1776 began the daring experiment that led to the formation of the greatest nation in the history of the world, which has produced more opportunity and more freedoms for more types of people than ever thought imaginable.


Like President Reagan said, trust but verify

In the course of one week — well before last week’s debate with Donald Trump — Biden had to face multiple false claims about his sanity, made by a political underground that thrives on destroying reputations to help Trump.


This Independence Day, remember what unites us

As a community and as a nation, we have faced great challenges and have always emerged stronger. This resilience lies at the heart of the American spirit. So as we come together this Fourth of July, let’s remember what unites us as Americans, and recommit ourselves to building a more inclusive, tolerant and understanding society.


New Yorkers deserve better than Alvin Bragg

There’s plenty of hateful ignorance in the world, and it certainly feels like we’ve been treated to a boatload of it the last few months. Although it will ruffle some feathers, we shouldn’t be afraid to call it out. How else will reasonable people — on any side of an issue — recognize one another and agree on what’s unacceptable? Drawing attention to a problem is always the first step in correcting it.


Only our police officers should be doing police work

Although I have been involved with many aspects of the criminal justice system during my legal career as a Queens County assistant district attorney and as a private practitioner, the academy was an eye-opening and enlightening experience that I believe would give any Nassau resident vital insights into the daily activities of our law enforcement professionals.