West Hempstead student named diabetes scholar

West Hempstead student Adin Moskowitz has used his own experience as motivation for success. Living with Type 1 diabetes, he has made the most of his knowledge of electronics and engineering with …

Lakeview Fire Department keeps prepared

The past two Wednesday nights have been busy with practice and drills for the Lakeview Fire Department – mainly training their firefighters in car extrications. Using what Chief Michael Joyce …

Nassau Pops a crowd pleaser in Malverne

The Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra kicked off Malverne’s summer concert series with selections from film and theater at the town’s gazebo park on July 16. The performance was organized by …

Shakespeare at Malverne's Crossroads Farm

Malverne Community Theatre made a triumphant return to in-person performance, staging William Shakespeare’s comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” at Crossroads Farm on July 9. …

West Hempstead woman arraigned for fatal October crash

A West Hempstead woman accused of being the driver in a two vehicle accident that resulted in the deaths of two teenaged passengers surrendered to police and was arraigned on multiple charges on July 20. 


It’s time to go to the precinct and vote . . . again?

With school board elections and the June primary for the Assembly, it seems we’re making more trips to our polling precinct than we might make to the gym.


If I were a shark, I’d sue Steven Spielberg for defamation

Probably no depiction of sharks has so demonized these creatures as the movie “Jaws,” directed by Steven Spielberg . . .


Will the Russians fly away from the space station?

Given the all-but-declared new cold war between the U.S. and Russia, it may seem unsurprising that Vladimir Putin’s government would announce plans to pull out of its partnership with the International Space Station . . .

Randi Kreiss

Family time on Maine’s rocky seacoast

Things began to go sideways when the rain began, and we broke out the Monopoly set.


Two heroes, and one captain who should’ve been ashamed

A tall obelisk rises from the heart of Rockville Cemetery, the Lynbrook burial ground that dates back to the earliest days of our nation. It remembers the 139 souls lost . . .