BREAKING NEWS: Governor Cuomo: School's out through April 15

Nassau gasoline prices second-lowest in state

Gasoline prices continued to plunge last week as oil supplies far outstripped demand, leaving Nassau County with the second-cheapest gas in the state, behind the city of Elmira, where gasoline …

27 dead of coronavirus in Nassau County

Twenty-seven are dead because of the coronavirus to date, according to Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, speaking Friday.

Adapting to remote learning in Oceanside, Island Park

Families and school officials are adjusting to a new set of circumstances as students are at home, remote learning and social distancing, in response to the coronavirus.

Oceanside, Island Park businesses face uncertainties amid coronavirus closures

No one sat at the bar. Waitresses didn’t come around with pints of beer or trays of plated food. To put it mildly, it was “a St. Patrick’s Day like no other,” said Joe Bonin, owner of J. Paul’s Terrace Café in Oceanside, with a hint of sadness and disbelief in his voice.

Physician from Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside updates community on coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus, Mount Sinai South Nassau Dr. Aaron Glatt urged residents to practice social distancing and cautioned that anyone who thinks the disease should not be taken seriously is gravely mistaken.


Even now, patronize your local small businesses

Coronavirus has swept across New York with astounding speed, leaving sickness, fear and uncertainty in its wake. Small businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, have taken a beating . . .


Don’t let panic destroy our humanity

Fear can bring out the worst in us. When the coronavirus pandemic erupted in China in January, Asian-Americans shared stories on social media about how people would avoid them . . .