BREAKING NEWS: Kenneth Graham, Locust Valley superintendant, steps down immediately

In Santos’ district, people are fed up with lies

People of color in New York's 3rd Congressional District liken George Santos to Donald Trump

Phyllis Burnett, the president of the Glen Cove Kiwanis Club, is one of the many Black residents of New York’s 3rd Congressional District. She said only one thought crossed her mind when she read …

Land Alliance’s eco-friendly septic system benefits all

For the North Shore Land Alliance, protecting Long Island’s water is an essential aspect of land conservation and ensuring the health and safety of residents of the North Shore. Now, with the …

Santos says he will resign if 142,000 demand it

As more and more allegations and horror stories come out against Republican, New York Representative George Santos, the embattled conservative has doubled down and refused calls from constituents, …

Constituents can’t find U.S. Rep. George Santos

‘Where’s George?’ campaign to find Representative George Santos continues

U.S. Rep. George Santos has done an excellent job of staying out of the public eye during his first couple of weeks in Washington. When he returns home to Long Island, it might not be as easy. …

St. Dominic’s High junior is acting as well as singing

Luke Islam sings for the stars, but stays down to earth

Luke Islam, a junior at St. Dominic’s High School, has always known that he wanted to sing and perform, and unlike most teenagers, he’s actually getting the chance to live his dream. …

Republicans want a quick exit for George Santos

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld voted for Democratic incumbent Tom Suozzi when George Santos ran unsuccessfully against him in 2020 for the 3rd Congressional District seat, to which Santos was elected last year …

A light in the tunnel for George Santos: New York Young Republican Club offers their support

U.S. Rep. George Santos, known for alleged fabrications and “embellishments” about his resume, has no shortage of detractors. Many people, including prominent Republicans like former …


Santos should do the honest thing: step aside

More than a quarter-million people turned out across the North Shore and Queens on Election Day to decide who would succeed Tom Suozzi representing them in the U.S. House. Those voters overwhelmingly chose George Santos to take that job. Yet the George Santos they elected is not actually George Santos. It’s a fictional character, and what voters believed about him was no different than believing Martin Sheen might make a good President of the United States because of the likeable character he once played on television.

Randi Kreiss

Being vulnerable, a new holiday ritual

Can we settle in and be real? No, not everyone is having a better time than you. No, you aren’t the only one who wishes you’d passed on the second slice of coconut custard pie.


A con man is succeeding me in Congress

Tuesday was my last day as a member of Congress, and George Santos is about to be sworn in to take the seat I held for six years. He will take an oath to “bear true faith” to the Constitution and take this obligation without any “purpose of evasion.” I’ve lost track of how many evasions and lies Mr. Santos has told about himself, his finances and his history and relationship with our stretch of Long Island and northeastern Queens. When he is seated, it will diminish our Congress, our country and my constituents — soon his constituents.


‘Energy efficient’ may become a contradiction in terms

Hearings are getting under way on a proposal to socialize energy on Long Island. It would make the Long Island Power Authority the region’s sole entity responsible for keeping our lights on.