Former state assemblyman Mike LiPetri declares candidacy for New York's Third Congressional District


Mike LiPetri, an attorney and former Republican New York State Assemblyman, has officially announced his bid for the Republican primary in New York’s 3rd Congressional District. LiPetri, a relative newcomer to the political scene, is positioning himself as a candidate driven by integrity, dedication and a fervent commitment to representing the interests of district residents.

The 33-year old from Farmingdale said that he was motivated to get involved in politics because he wanted the chance to “make a difference.” LiPetri served in the state assembly from 2019 to 2021, representing the state’s 19th district, and although he lost the Republican primary to replace Peter King in Congress, he is confident that his work during his two years in office speaks for itself.

“My ultimate goal is having an affect where people can rest confident knowing that their representative is someone who actually wants to be here and wants to do what is right, not what is easy,” LiPetri said. “During my tenure in the assembly I proved just that.”

While unmarried, LiPetri claimed that he had a record of supporting families, both in his legal practice and during his tenure in the assembly. The attorney argued that New York’s current representatives aren’t doing enough to help young and growing families on Long Island, and that one of his goals if elected was to increase support for them, although he did not provide specific ways this could be achieved.

“We want people to be flocking to Long Island,” LiPetri said. “We need to have a new vision for Long Island, a new vision of America, where people want to be here.”

LiPetri, grandson of former Phillies pitcher Angelo LiPetri, also cited his support for law enforcement, advocacy for immigration reform, and efforts to promote affordability on Long Island as some of the main issues he hoped to address during the campaign and if elected. The former assemblyman also accused the district’s current congressman, Tom Suozzi, of not doing enough to help district residents on these issues, and that the congressman’s departure of the office to run for governor paved the way for the infamous George Santos’ election and debacle of a term.

“Tom Suozzi left this seat; he didn’t want to be here, he wanted higher power,” LiPetri said. “There’s a difference between Tom wanting to help himself and me, who wants to help the people and make a difference.”

LiPetri’s platform focuses on addressing Long Island-specific issues, including decreasing crime, ensuring affordability, and protecting the quality of life for residents. The former assemblyman also spoke out vehemently against the state’s bail reform laws, and against illegal immigration, both of which he deemed were major threats to residents in the district.

“We stood side-by-side with immigrants to root out people here illegally who commit heinous crimes like sex predators and murderers,” LiPetri said. “(No other politician) can say in the third district that life has gotten better under them.”

Drawing from his legal background, LiPetri highlighted his understanding of constitutional law and the legislative process. He emphasized his ability to navigate complex policy issues and work collaboratively to achieve bipartisan solutions. LiPetri also stressed the importance of proactive policymaking and pragmatic solutions to tackle the challenges facing the district.

“I’ve demonstrated through my tenure in the assembly that politics can be a force for good when guided by integrity and dedication,” LiPetri remarked. “As a congressman, I intend to continue championing the interests of Long Islanders and providing them with the representation they deserve.”

In response to questions about constituent outreach, LiPetri outlined his campaign’s efforts to engage with voters across the district. He emphasized the importance of transparency and accessibility, pledging to listen to the concerns of constituents and be responsive to their needs.

As LiPetri’s candidacy gains momentum, it has not been without controversy. Allegations regarding his past business dealings with George Santos have surfaced, with some characterizing them as questionable. LiPetri vehemently denied these allegations, attributing them to political smear tactics aimed as a distraction from substantive issues.

“It’s an absolute, total lie,” LiPetri said. “I several years ago introduced somebody to George Santos and made, by the way, no money, nothing off of it, nothing further.”