Colt pride kicks off homecoming festivities


Colt pride was kicking all week long as Sanford H. Calhoun High School hosted a spirit week, culminating in a homecoming dance, festival and football game on Oct. 23.

“The hallways were decorated, the courtyard was beautiful and the energy of our kids was great,” explained Principal Nicole Hollings. “To say that school feels normal would be an understatement. It is truly wonderful to see kids wanting to be involved and engaged.”

The 36-6 loss didn’t dampen spirts as crowds visited various Calhoun club booths, participated in lawn activities and enjoyed the music from the school’s Rock Band, led by Ed Tumminelli.

At halftime, the cheerleading and kickline squads pulled off high-spirited routines. Alex Rosario and Ava Stanek were crowned homecoming king and queen, respectively.

Compiled by Andrew Garcia