Schools back in session for East Meadow


For the first time since 2019, students in East Meadow got off the bus, and walked through the front doors of their schools without a mask on.

Sept. 2 was the first day of school for the district’s nine schools. The five elementary schools, Barnum Woods, Bowling Green, McVey, Meadowbrook, and Parkway, the two middle schools, Woodland and W.T. Clark, and the two high schools East Meadow and Clarke, filled with smiling students and staff.

First-time students and high school seniors alike shared a sense of excitement as they walked through their school buildings doors. Some tears were shed from both students and parents as the school day quickly approached.

Across all schools, the consensus was clear: students were eager to head back to school, and their teachers were just as ready to welcome them back, and start the year off on a strong and healthy foot.