18 years for Freeporter in 2005 murder

On May 6, at the federal courthouse in Central Islip, Jaime Rivera, 35, of Freeport, a member of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation street gang, was sentenced by United States District Court Judge Denis R. Hurley to 220 months’ imprisonment for the 2005 murder of C.W. Post college student and basketball star, Tafare Berryman.

Freeport Arts

Arty for art’s sake

The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport united artists and arts supporters at The Bayview for its “Arty Party” last Sunday. The elegant dining hall, which overlooks Hudson Bay from an upper story, embraced honorees and guests alike.

Freeport Memorial Library events

Jazzopedia delights, relaxes, informs

Allen Morrison’s mellow piano chords rippled over the audience of 25 at Freeport Memorial Library last Sunday. The audience members swayed in their seats, tapped their feet, or sat with focused attentiveness. Suddenly the music accelerated into a swinging rhythm, driven by brushes on Brad Sporkin’s snare, the thrum of Edgar Mills’ fingers on his bass, and the dance of Marc Rosen’s hands up and down the strings of his guitar.

Freeport Schools

Holocaust and civil rights lessons at J.W. Dodd Middle School

As the conclusion to their lessons on the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement the eighth grade students at Dodd Middle School were visited by Holocaust survivor and motivational speaker, Sami Steigmann, and former Freeport teacher, Mireille Taub, a Holocaust refugee.

Freeport Education

Freeport High School holds annual Human Rights Symposium

The Freeport High School Human Relations Club was honored to welcome Ms. Consolee Nishimwe to their annual Human Rights Symposium. She is a 1994 Rwandan genocide survivor and spoke to the students about the great adversity and abuse she experienced by her perpetrators.


Let’s turn internet anger into good conversation

Sorry, Al Gore. You didn’t invent the internet. That was Tim Berners-Lee.

Jerry Kremer

This is the age of coming and going

By any measure, this winter was one of the coldest and wettest ones I can recall. Many of my friends traveled to Florida for vacations, and some have talked about moving there for good . . .

Jerry Kremer

Let’s focus more on Long Island’s downtowns

In Nassau and Suffolk counties there are over 100 villages and 11 towns. While all of these jurisdictions are supported by property taxes . . .

Randi Kreiss

The holidays don’t dampen worldwide strife

This week the three major religions of the world marked their holy days in calendric synchrony. Over the same few days,