Archer students delve beneath the canopy


In January, Ms. Megan Reiss’ second-grade class at Archer Street School immersed themselves in a comprehensive study of the Amazon Rainforest. Beyond conventional reading lessons, the students yearned to explore the diverse species of animals and plants inhabiting this rich ecosystem.

Ms. Reiss expressed her enthusiasm, stating,

“I was excited the class was so intrigued, and happy to teach them more about the Amazon Rainforest because it is such a vital part of the environment. To harness their interest, we decided to construct a rainforest diorama.”

Over a two-week period, students actively engaged in learning about the tropical habitat, breathing life into their Amazon diorama. Using recycled materials and modeling clay, they meticulously crafted the four layers of the rainforest – the emergent layer, dense canopy, understory, and forest floor. Each layer, a collaborative effort, took several days to construct.

The culmination of their efforts was marked by a presentation of the intricate diorama to distinguished classroom guests, including Archer Street Principal Ms. Paula Lein and Assistant Principal Ms. Judy Freidman.