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Arty Party brunch celebrates the arts


Updated: Nov. 8 at 2:23 p.m.:

The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport held its annual Arty Party Brunch on Nov. 3 at the Freeport Yacht Club to honor three members of the community for their contributions to the arts. This year the Council presented Joanne Phillips, Robyn Workman and David Houston with awards.

The executive director, Laurence Dresner, said the council is always keeping their “eyes out for potential honorees.”

“I tthink] this year’s honorees were exceptional in their extensive accomplishments and service to the community,” Dresner said.

Phillips, from Long Beach, was given the ARTY, Arts Recognition Tribute Award for her work in the musical arts between Long Island and New York City through the Long Beach ROXX NY, multiday rock music festival held at the Long Beach Library and other works.

Workman, from Freeport, received the Theatre Arts Award and recognized for her creation and directing the Broadway and You theatre program held at the Freeport Recreation Center. Freeport children of all ages have participated in the program and put on a number of productions that have been featured in the Long Island Art’s Council at Freeport Summer Concert series on the Nautical Mile.

Houston a writer from Farmingdale was awarded the Alexander Schanzer Memorial Smart with Art Award. His one-man show is a Port Washington Public Library tradition. He developed scenery, background music and performs as Charles Dickens.

“The Long Island Arts Council at Freeport never fails to delight us with wonderful opportunities to enrich the culture of the Freeport community,” Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy said in an open letter to the council and honorees. “I am pleased to recognize the Long Island Arts Council at Freeport’s 2019 Arty Party Brunch at the Freeport Yacht Club. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we extend our best wishes and congratulations to this year’s honorees.