We must back the blue, now more than ever


Across the United States today, law enforcement agencies are being forced to contend with a previously unforeseen convergence of crises:

An explosion in fentanyl and other illicit drug trafficking. Millions of migrants who have recently crossed the southern border. And a criminal recidivism problem fueled by progressive prosecutors and their allies in elected office.

These challenges have created a worrying national trend in law enforcement morale and a deteriorating public safety situation in many corners of America, including right here in New York.

It is incumbent on all levels of government to support the men and women in blue who faithfully defend the communities they have sworn to protect.

As a retired New York City police detective who now has the pleasure of serving in Congress, I will continue fighting on Capitol Hill for solutions to the problems plaguing police officers nationwide.

 Americans of all backgrounds travel to Washington to advocate for a host of policies that are important to them.

Between May 12 and May 18, thousands of law enforcement professionals converged on the Capitol to speak with legislators in support of pro-police legislation, highlight the need for additional federal assistance for policing agencies, and memorialize law enforcement heroes who died in the line of duty.

During this year’s Police Week, I was honored to meet with representatives of several policing agencies, including former colleagues from the NYPD, to lay a wreath in memory of fallen police professionals at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, to stand alongside fellow House Republicans with law enforcement experience in support of pro-police House legislation, and to memorialize the life of fallen NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who was murdered in March during a traffic stop in Queens.

In addition to those activities, I am especially pleased to report that my legislation, the Police Our Border Act, passed in the House of Representatives on May 17.

This bill would require the Justice Department to compile a report on the experiences of federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement officers working on issues related to immigration along the country’s southern border.

Regretfully, law enforcement agencies across the country are being forced to contend with the consequences of the ongoing influx of migrants, with many local police departments thrust onto the front lines of this national crisis thanks to the Biden administration’s inability to secure our homeland.

The Police Our Border Act would provide Congress a clear picture of the new burden placed on law enforcement professionals as a result of the migrant crisis, and help legislators determine where best to divert critical federal resources law enforcement officers so desperately need.

The national conversation about policing has been volatile in recent years, and far too many officers have been unjustly targeted by an unholy alliance of radical legislators, soft-on-crime prosecutors and district attorneys, and the perennially out-of-touch progressive activist class that have been advancing their abolish-the-police agenda.

Indeed, we have seen the fruits of these dangerous leftist ideologues in the form of New York’s disastrous “bail reform” legislation, the ascendancy of seemingly pro-criminal Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and antisemitic rioters on many college campuses targeting law enforcement professionals who were deployed simply to protect Jewish students and keep the peace.

The burgeoning anti-police alliance in American society today underscores the need for pro-police Americans and their elected representatives to make their voices heard, publicly support the nation’s law enforcement professionals, and stand up to those who seek to undermine the men and women in blue.

During my time in the NYPD, we were often called to remember the department’s motto, fidelis ad mortem — “faithful unto death.”

For as long as I have breath, I will fight for the men and women in blue, because they need our support, now more than ever. 

Anthony D’Esposito represents the 4th Congressional District.