Interns are learning what all it takes to run a village


As the Village of Freeport continues its recently created internship program, spearheaded by Conor Kirwan, the village’s director of human resources, the new crop of interns are learning valuable lessons about employment in the real world.

Established last August, the program has already begun to make significant strides in nurturing young talent in the community.

Kirwan, who has 27 years of experience in the village, explained that through project-oriented tasks, interns gain hands-on experience in diverse departments such as auditing and public relations.

The current interns are Olivia Torres and Marjorie Valladares, students at Farmingdale State College studying business management.

Torres, who is assigned to the public relations department, is tasked with developing a campaign video centered on the Freeport Armory, a landmark that has been revitalized in recent years by the village.

Valladares is involved in auditing, specifically examining records related to the village’s marinas.

Their roles underscore the program’s emphasis on exposing interns to the many facets of municipal operations, giving them real-world experience they can draw on in their future careers.