Local leaders unite to bring holiday cheer


Assemblyman Brian Curran in coordination with the Green Acres Mall, the Freeport Housing Authority and Mayor Robert Kennedy, helped deliver turkeys to residents of Freeport on Nov. 22.

The collaborative effort aimed to ensure that every member of the community could partake in a heartwarming and delicious Thanksgiving meal amidst challenging economic conditions.

In a gesture of community solidarity, the initiative sought to provide Freeport residents with the opportunity to gather and enjoy Thanksgiving with their loved ones, despite the economic hardships faced by many.

“I first want to thank Green Acres Mall, the Freeport Housing Authority and Mayor Kennedy for all their cooperation, help and support with this turkey drive,” Curran said. “Green Acres Mall has consistently demonstrated its support for the residents of the 21st District through its charitable donations like the turkey drive. Additionally, the Freeport Housing Authority, under the leadership of Mayor Kennedy, does an outstanding job year after year providing vital support for all Freeport residents.”

Residents expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gesture, highlighting the positive impact it has on fostering a sense of community and shared celebration during Thanksgiving.

“This truly is the season of giving, so I am so glad my office could participate and help ensure people have an enjoyable Thanksgiving,” Curran said. “This drive was a testament to the strong community we have in the 21st Assembly District, and I look forward to helping those in need even more as the holiday season moves on.”

Mayor Kennedy expressed deep appreciation for the collaborative effort, emphasizing that initiatives like the turkey distribution underscore the strength of community bonds and the importance of solidarity in ensuring that all Freeport residents can partake in the joy of Thanksgiving.

“John Hrvation the Executive Director of the Freeport Housing Authority continues the great tradition of the Freeport Housing Authority providing turkeys, various sides, and more, to our residents in the Freeport Housing Authority,” Kennedy said. “I want to thank John, Chair Person Philip Mataragas, Vice Chair Steve Patrick,  and all the Commissioners, for organizing this event and helping our residents. Great job Freeport Housing.”