Partnering organizations celebrate a new homeowner in Hempstead

Kimberly Style cut a red ribbon tied to the front porch pillars of her new home, 68 Webb Avenue in Hempstead at a news conference on April 14. Seven years before, Style and her two children, …


Racial inequities and the Biden infrastructure plan

President Biden’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan is remarkable for its ambition and breadth and for taking significant steps to address historic racial inequities. The president deserves great credit . . .


U.N.: Climate change is real, and it’s getting uglier

To the climate deniers, we say this: Wake up. July was the hottest month in the past 142 years, since humans started recording climate data, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Scott Brinton

Restoring a lost habitat in our backyard

In the early morning of April 28, I tiptoed into my dew-coated backyard in Merrick to watch as an orange sun slowly migrated upward, sending its rays streaming through the hundreds of flower-covered branches . . .

Randi Kreiss

All you can eat? Amid a tenacious virus, not so much.

If there’s one thing that is quintessentially American, it’s the all-you-can-eat, stuff-yourself-till-you-die buffet. Now, as the Delta variant spreads . . .


L.I. school board tries to ban Black Lives Matter

The Smithtown School District will restrict the use of 34 BrainPop instructional videos in classrooms because they introduce topics like Black Lives Matter and human sexuality.