Fixing Hempstead’s water will cost $55 million

To combat the high levels of what is called 1,4 dioxane — a byproduct of such consumer products as soap and detergent — a $55 million facility will need to be built in the Village of Hempstead. The village will need to borrow $50 million.

Uniondale High School senior Chika Akazi hurdles life’s obstacles

After a stunning state championship win this spring, Uniondale High School senior Chikaodinaka “Chika” Akazi recently detailed her journey as a rising star in track and field, and her future goals.

Nassau County Bar Association helps students reach their full potentials

The Nassau County Bar Association is committed to keeping the future of students on Long Island bright, promising and rewarding.

Uniondale celebrates its diverse Haitian heritage

With so much political turmoil taking place in Haiti, the Uniondale school district joined forces with the Uniondale Public Library and La Solidarite Haitiano-Americaine de Long Island to celebrate …

Photos: Uniondale takes time to remember heroes on Memorial Day

The Memorial Day parade was cancelled, however remembering the United States military personnel who died in all this nation’s moved inside to the Uniondale High School auditorium , where the community’s 85th annual services took place on May 27.


Safe day at the beach? Thank the lifeguards

Beach safety on Long Island is crucial. Lifeguards, trained to handle emergencies and rescues, protect beachgoers. Investing in their resources enhances public safety.


For neighborhoods of color, local media offer hope

I covered historic Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 despite Covid-19 risks, capturing a viral moment of hope amid global turmoil. Four years later, I reflect on the impact of community journalism on social change and media representation.


Some advice Joe Biden badly needs

Voters will decide the 2024 election in five months, with Biden's campaign focusing on economic issues and countering misinformation to secure re-election.


Who knows which way this presidential race is headed?

The 2024 presidential race is unprecedented, with Biden and Trump leading amid unique challenges. Early debates and fluctuating poll numbers highlight the campaign's unpredictability.