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East Rockaway Education Foundation presents $50,000 to high school


Dr. Richard Meagher, President of the East Rockaway Education Foundation, presented the second of three checks from his organization to the East Rockaway School District to help with Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. The check was in the amount of $50,000.

“We are pleased to be able to present this check,” he said. “It really represents the money that comes mostly from alumni, some foundations, organizations, companies — but mostly individuals. This [check] came from 167 donors, nine of which gave more than one time.”

In February, the foundation presented the first check for $15,000 that included $5,000 from the Whelan Foundation (for the Music program) through the efforts of teacher Tom Schloen; $5,000 from McVeigh Associates (for the Technology program) through the efforts of teacher Hugh Howard.

This most recent $50,000 check included $14,519 from the “Rebuild the Rock” alumni-run benefit that was held at Madison Hall. Meagher thanked the team organizers that included Tommy Casabona, John Fitzsimmons, Amanda Cooney, Dana Kallman, Anthony DiCicco, Mike Hummel, Jim Temple, and David Ludwig — plus a host of volunteers. Embedded in that fundraising effort figure was $5,000 from the New York Life Foundation through the efforts of ERHS Alumnus Artie Keegan and five other alumni/employees of NY Life; $6,052.20 from Tritt Elementary School in Georgia, through the efforts of eight-year old Eli Medof (that total was in addition to the first check from Tritt that went directly to the ERUFSD for Rhame Avenue school);

Meagher said that they Foundation will be back in May with an unknown amount that will include the proceeds of its major upcoming fundraiser on April 12, “A Sense of Community,” that will be held at the Stewart Manor Country Club in Garden City (visit for more information.)